Concealing Dark Circles

I often get asked about ‘Concealers’, which one is best for ‘Dark Circles’?  I prefer to use a Pen. It’s light weight, comes with a brush and easy to use. Choose a colour that is lighter than your own Foundation and ‘pinky’ in tone. A pink tone, will lift and lighten the area. Only apply to where you have ‘darkness’. 3 to 4 dots should do. (You can also mix your Foundation and Concealer together.) Very gently,  use your fourth Finger to pat and blend. Always work inwards, so as not to encourage any new lines to form. I like YSL`s TOUCHE ÉCLAT £25 or if your on a budget Aldi`s Concealer Pen £3.59. A fantastic price for a great product. Bargain!

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